3 Types Of Awnings To Get For Your House

Having dimension and character on your home's exterior is one of those things that everyone strives for. If you have windows that get a lot of sun but you don't want to cover them with blinds, then you may want to consider window awnings. Awnings are a great way to block out the sun and add tons of character to your home's exterior. Depending on the style of your home, however, you may want to go with one style of awning over another. Read More 

Graceful Gingham: Tips For Using Checked Window Drapes In Interior Design

When you think about gingham fabric, do you envision a country kitchen with a vase of fresh-cut flowers on a windowsill flanked with yellow gingham checked curtains? Common in country kitchens in the past, gingham checked fabric is making a charming comeback for window drapes in interior home design. Learning how to mix and match other fabrics and colors with checks will help you refresh any room with the gracefulness of gingham. Read More