Are You Enclosing Your Outdoor Patio?

Have you finally decided to enclose your outdoor patio? You might have had a bit of trouble coming to that decision. After all, the summer months ahead lend themselves to outdoor entertaining, right? And, yet, those summer days can be scorchers where you'd rather be inside with friends and family members. In addition, an outdoor event might be ruined when you have unexpected rain storms. You might have already considered all of that when you decided to make your outdoor part of the actual floor plan of your house. Read More 

How And Where To Look For Excess Water Entering Your Home And How To Resolve This Issue

Homes, over time, tend to get very wet basements. Sometimes crawlspaces near the basement are also very wet. If your home is experiencing enough moisture in the basement and crawlspace that you need to run dehumidifiers nonstop, it might be time to locate the areas where excess water and moisture is entering these areas of your home. The following helps you locate where the water/moisture is entering your home and then offers suggestions on how to resolve this damaging issue. Read More