Graceful Gingham: Tips For Using Checked Window Drapes In Interior Design

When you think about gingham fabric, do you envision a country kitchen with a vase of fresh-cut flowers on a windowsill flanked with yellow gingham checked curtains? Common in country kitchens in the past, gingham checked fabric is making a charming comeback for window drapes in interior home design. Learning how to mix and match other fabrics and colors with checks will help you refresh any room with the gracefulness of gingham.

Minimize to maximize

When it comes to gingham, follow the less-is-more mantra. Too much gingham in a room can be overpowering. In a small room, such as a kitchen or bath, you may want to use only a curtain topper rather than a full curtain to enhance the room.

Avoid using other gingham items in a room with checked drapes. For instance, a gingham sofa and curtains would be distracting from a visual sense. The same goes for area rugs in gingham, which would compete with gingham drapes rather than complement them.

Avoid fabric fiascos

Avoid a fabric fiasco by selecting fabrics that play well with gingham. While it's not impossible to use floral or other patterned fabrics with gingham, you should use caution to maintain a healthy balance in the room. Consider choosing smaller prints instead of larger ones.

For instance, when using gingham checked curtains in the kitchen, a tablecloth in a mini floral print would look charming. However, a bold all-over floral print would be overpowering. You should also avoid using geometric designs, as some geometric designs may appear overwhelming when combined with checks.

Color critique

Choosing the right colors in a room can make a big difference with gingham drapes or curtains. Black and white gingham curtains will look sophisticated in a home office or living room with white walls and furnishings. For a delightful farmhouse kitchen, consider using soft yellow and cream gingham checked curtains with subtle blue walls.

If you love all things nautical, navy blue and white gingham curtains with white walls will bring a coastal feel to any room. Pair sage green gingham checked drapes with yellow and orange furnishings for a springtime look in a room year-round.

If your home needs a refreshing change, gingham drapes and curtains are a fast and easy fix. Not only will gingham add instant charm to your home, but gingham is also naturally inviting and welcoming. From sophisticated black and white to soft yellow and cream, there's a gingham fabric drape suitable for every room of your home.

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