Adding New Upholstery Fabric To Your Couch

A couch often plays a central role in the design and function of a family room. As you and your family utilize your couch on a daily basis, the fabric covering this seating area can become worn. If the frame of your couch is still in good condition, then you might want to consider adding new upholstery to the furniture piece rather than spending the money to buy a new sofa. Read More 

3 Features To Look For In A Septic System Maintenance Service For Your Restaurant

In business, there are those daily practices that directly revolve around serving your customers, and then there are those underlying tasks that keep your place of business operating as a whole. Septic system maintenance is one of those underlying tasks that all business owners face, but you probably don't hear a lot about. When you are the owner of a restaurant, keeping your septic system well maintained means you are less likely to run into issues that interrupt your daily practice of serving customers. Read More 

Why You Might Want To Choose Laminate Flooring Rather Than Real Wood When You Remodel

One of the most difficult decisions you have when remodeling your home is the type of flooring to choose. You may love hardwood floors and wish you could put them in your home, but their expense might eliminate them from serious consideration. A close alternative is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring looks similar to hardwood and it actually has some advantages over real wood. Here's a look at how laminate flooring compares to wood flooring and why you may want to install it in your home. Read More 

Should You Waterproof Your Newly Constructed Basement If It’s Already Up To Code?

If you've just purchased a newly constructed house, you may already be surveying the unfinished landscaping and bare white walls, eager to put your own finishing touches on your new residence. However, even if your home is finished and up to code, there are a few less aesthetically-pleasing projects that may need to be undertaken in order to fully protect your home from water damage, termites, and other potential problems. Read on to learn more about when installing waterproofing even after your basement is finished can be a good investment, as well as some other final touches you'll want to make before settling into your new home. Read More 

Family-Friendly And Fabulous: Designing Your Dining Room With Kids In Mind

If you're looking for a way to create a contemporary, modern space in your formal dining room, you might be concerned about how great furniture pieces will hold up after your young children are regular guests at the dining table. There are a few ways that you can choose your furniture to be both stylish and kid-friendly-- without resorting to toddler tables and plastic tablecloths.  1. Choose the right material. Read More