4 Tips To Get Your Sprinkler Systems and Landscaping Ready For The Spring Season

Soon the spring months are going to be here coming in you want your landscaping irrigation systems to be ready. If you did winterization during the winter months, you will need to reconnect to backflow prevention devices and other chores to prepare your sprinklers for spring watering. Here are some tips to get your sprinklers ready for the spring season and landscaping irrigation.

1. Reconnecting Backflow Prevention Devices After the Last Frost

The process of winterizing sprinkler system involves disconnecting the backflow prevention device and clearing the lines. When preparing your irrigation system for the spring months, the first thing that needs to be done is reconnecting the device. Once you have reconnected the backflow prevention device, you will be ready to turn the water back on and start testing the system for leaks.

2. Priming Lines and Checking for Leaks and Sprinkler Pressure

After the backflow prevention system has been reconnected, you will be ready to start testing the system. You will want to start by priming the lines, which is the process of running water through the system to ensure all the pipes have water in them. After you have primed the lines, start the sprinkler system and check the pressure. Anywhere that there is a pressure problem, take note and look for leaks. The pressure problems may also be due to damaged sprinkler heads that need to be replaced.

3. Replacing Sprinkler Heads That Have Been Damaged in Cold Weather

There are many different things that can cause damage to the sprinkler heads of irrigation systems, such as running them over with a lawnmower. The winter months can also cause damage to the sprinkler heads, which is why there may be some that need to be replaced. Check all the sprinkler heads to ensure they are working properly and replace the ones that have been damaged.

4. Seeding, Fertilizers, and Landscaping Treatments Before You Start Watering

Lastly, there may be some landscaping treatments that need to be done before you start watering landscaping. The late winter months are a good time to contact a landscaping maintenance service and talk with them about applying seed to lawns and fertilizer treatments that will help promote healthy growth when you start using your AC during the spring.

Getting your landscaping irrigation systems ready for these months is not an easy task to do. If you need help with maintenance and repairs before spring and summer are watering needs, contact a landscape maintenance service.