Asian Camel Crickets: Prevention Tips And Extermination Measures

What has six legs, looks like a spider, and will jump right at you when threatened by your presence? An Asian camel cricket, and it and all of its buddies are forging their way across America. Read on to learn why you should be concerned, how you can prevent an Asian camel cricket invasion, and what steps you can take if it's already too late and you've got these critters in your house right now. Read More 

Bugged By Pantry Pests? Look To Your Spice Cabinet For A Safe, Effective Pest Control Solution!

Along with lilac blooms and sunny days, the arrival of spring often means an annual invasion of crawling and flying insects. Many types of common household pests become more active in warm weather and begin to infiltrate homes and buildings, usually in search of food or water. If you find yourself suddenly having to deal with winged or crawling pests in your pantry, you can take comfort in knowing that your spice cabinet may already contain an effective, non-toxic solution for your pantry pest problem. Read More 

Turn Your Closet Into A Bathroom: Five Things To Consider First

Argh! Someone is always in the bathroom! If so, it's time to add another bathroom to your home, and a bedroom or hall may be the perfect place. Here is what you need to consider before you get started: 1. Assess Feasibility Whether you want to convert the kids' closet, the master bedroom closet or even a hall closet into a bathroom, you've got to think about feasibility. Surprisingly, this question is about location more than space – you can put a bathroom in even a very small closet. Read More