Remodeling Your Kitchen? Types Of Cabinets You Can Choose

If you are remodeling your kitchen, one thing to consider is the cabinetry. If you have not replaced your cabinets in a long time, this can make a big difference in your kitchen. Keep reading for three different types of cabinets you can choose from so you can hire a professional to install them for you. 

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

There are custom kitchen cabinets that are made specifically to fit in your kitchen. A designer will come to your home to look at the style and space in your kitchen. This is especially helpful if your kitchen is oddly shaped or if you have a small kitchen. Custom cabinets will cost more money, but they can be more beneficial. The contractor can suggest the best type of cabinets for you to choose, which will depend on the kitchen style, such as if it is modern or country, as well as the best colors to use. 

There are also semi-custom kitchen cabinets. These are not custom made but you will have more design options and custom features available. You can also use custom finishes, more decorative hardware, etc. The cabinet boxes may be standard, but you can choose to use different types of doors and/or drawers. You can also choose the cabinet depth. These cabinets are not as expensive as custom kitchen cabinets but can still be pricy. 

The most affordable option is stock kitchen cabinets. These are the cabinets you see in the showroom of a home improvement store. They come to you ready to assemble with the frame and cabinet doors. You can still find a variety of design choices and styles with stock kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

There are different door styles you can choose from. Shaker kitchen cabinets look nice in any type of kitchen as they have a simple design. With this type, the doors on the cabinets are in five sections on a flat panel which make them look interesting. There are different types of wood that can be used, such as maple, cherry, chestnut, and birch. You can choose glazed and there are doors made with clear or frosted glass.

Raised panel kitchen cabinets are also available which is a popular design. The doors have a three-dimensional structure and work well with any kitchen design you have. The center panel is raised to make the cabinets look unique. You can find them in a variety of wood types and colors. 

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