5 Reasons Why Aluminum Is The Best Patio Cover Material

Adding a patio cover makes your backyard more usable, as the shade protects you from both sun and rain. Aluminum covers are a good choice for a new patio cover, as the following reasons illustrate. 

1. No Maintenance

Unlike fabric covers that need washing and resealing every year or wood covers that must be stained to prevent rot, aluminum covers have no overt maintenance needs. You can opt to rinse them off with water periodically if they get dusty, but it's not a requirement. At most, the fasteners of the covers should be checked a couple of times a year to make sure they are properly tightened.

2. Design Options

There are as many design options for aluminum patio covers as there are backyards in need of a cover. Not only can you choose the color of the cover, but you can also pick out the style. There are standard corrugated panels as well as standing-seam or faux shingle looks. You can even find aluminum covers designed to mimic wood pergolas in a variety of lattice-work designs. 

3. Heat Reflection

One of the best ways to keep a patio cool in summer is to choose a cover that reflects rather than absorbs heat. Aluminum on its own is fairly reflective, but you can have a high-reflectivity coating applied to the top of the cover to further aid in heat reflection. These coatings don't just reflect heat, they add UV resistance to the cover so that the color won't be prone to fading over time. 

4. Damage Resistant

Aluminum isn't completely secure against damages, a large enough hailstone or branch can leave a dent. Yet, that dent typically won't compromise the function of the cover as it would a fabric cover. Further, a properly installed aluminum cover won't be prone to wind damage or damage from smaller falling or flying objects. Aluminum is also resistant to fading and it isn't prone to rust or corrosion.

5. Upgrade Options

Unlike fabric covers, aluminum covers are fixed in position and sturdy enough to support certain upgrades. For example, you can hang outdoor shades off the cover to provide more comfort on hot days. It's also possible to retrofit an aluminum cover with framing for storm windows or screens in the event you want to create a four-season patio area that is protected from cold or bugs.

Contact a patio cover installation service if you would like to learn more about your aluminum options.