Reasons A Table Runner Is Better Than A Table Cloth

The addition of a linen product to your dining room table can add a light, visually pleasing look that is perfect for springtime meals with family and friends. When you're shopping for something to add to your table, two products to consider are linen table runners and linen table cloths. A table cloth offers some advantages, but it's important that you don't overlook the merits of a table runner. Here are some reasons that a table runner can be a better product than a table cloth.

Stains Are Less Likely

One thing that you'll appreciate about using a linen table runner instead of a table cloth is that stains are less likely. Because a table cloth covers the entire surface of the table, there's a good chance that at least one person who is eating will spill something. This is especially true if you have children at your table. A table runner only covers a strip down the center of the table, which means that when people spill food in next to their plates, it will land on the surface of the table where it's easy to clean off. If you aren't fond of spot removing stains, a table runner will be a better choice.

The Table Remains Visible

A lot of people make significant investments in their dining room tables. If you have a table with a look that you love, the last thing that you might want to do is cover its entire surface with a table cloth. A table runner can be a good choice because while it adds some extra style and doesn't hide the entire piece of furniture. Regardless of the type of dining room table that you have, you can shop for a linen table runner that complements the table's surface so that both elements are visible.

It's Not In The Way

Some table cloths are on the larger side, which means that they can frequently get in the way. For example, if the table cloth hangs significantly over the edge of the table, your knees will often hit it when you sit down and get up. In some cases, you can inadvertently pull the table cloth with one of your legs — something that can disrupt the other diners and can be a bit embarrassing. Table runners don't hang off the sides of the table in the same way, meaning that this product won't get in your way.

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