Got A Lot Of Weeds? Tips To Get Rid Of Them And Control Them

If you have a lot of weeds, this can be very frustrating. Weeds not only look bad, but they also take nutrients away from plants. Below are some helpful tips on getting rid of these pesky weeds and how to control them so they don't come back again.

Get Rid of Weeds

There are pesticides that you can purchase to get rid of weeds. You need to be very careful, however, as most pesticides will damage or even kill plants. Put the pesticide in a sprayer and spray the weeds. You will soon see them die. There are pesticides that are organic that will not harm most plants.

There are natural ways to get rid of leaves also. One way is to use salt. As with pesticides, salt can also damage plants, so be careful. Mix three parts salt and one part water and pour into a bottle or a sprayer. Put the mixture directly onto the weeds, and they will soon die. 

Vinegar can also kill weeds. Put white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle and spray directly on weeds. This can also be easy to spray on weeds that are in cracks that are hard to remove. Do not add water to the vinegar. 

Control Weeds

To control weeds, you need to remove the roots. This is easier done in the beginning of the planting season before you plant your plants. Use a tiller to go through the soil. This is an easy way to destroy roots. You can also do this by hand with a shovel if you do not have a tiller. 

Watch closely when weeds start to grow and remove them quickly. This will prevent the weeds from making roots. Pulling weeds by hand is the best way, even though this will take a lot of time. When pulling weeds, make sure you also remove the roots. If you do this early, the weeds will not have time to multiply quickly. 

Mulch will kill weeds and also control them as if you keep mulch down the weeds will not come back. This is because the mulch blocks the sun and rain from getting onto the weeds. When laying mulch, put about three inches onto the soil. Push the mulch away about two to three inches from each plant so your plants will not be smothered and not get enough sun or rain. 

Hire a weed control service to help you if you continue to have problems with weeds.