King Or Queen? Considerations For Your Next Mattress Purchase

When choosing a bed for you and your partner, the size of the mattress is one of the first decisions you will need to make. The following guide can help you choose between a king and queen size mattress

Consider Your Bedroom Size

A king mattress measures 76 by 80 inches in size, whereas a queen is 60 by 80 inches. Generally, you will want sufficient room on either side of the bed for a nightstand and for a person to stand and dress, as well as some space at the foot of the bed. In a small room, it may be necessary to go with a queen bed simply so you don't feel crowded and cramped. If you have trouble visualizing how much room the bed will take up, use masking tape to mark out the dimensions of the bed on the floor of the empty room. You can then tell if there will be sufficient space to move around the larger king bed, or if you should opt for the smaller queen.

Compare Quality Vs. Cost

A king size mattress will likely cost more than the queen mattress of the same quality, barring any promotional deals. If you are on a tight budget, it makes sense to invest in the highest quality mattress that you can afford. This is especially true if you have back problems or other sleep issues that require the best made and most comfortable mattress. Further, consider additional costs associated with the purchase. For example, upgrading from a queen to king mattress will also require the purchase of a new frame and bedding set. 

Determine Your Sleeping Style

Couples where one or both people toss, turn, or sprawl out as they sleep can be quite uncomfortable in a smaller queen bed. On the other hand, cuddlers or quiet sleepers won't need as much space. Consider the sleeping styles of all users of the bed before choosing your mattress size. A mattress can last many years and it is unlikely that someone's sleeping style will change during that period, so choose wisely.

Look At Your Unique Situation

Do you have children that like to pile into parent's bed for storytime, or a large dog that just needs to sleep with its humans? If so, then a larger bed may be the best choice to ensure you have plenty of room for this quality time. Every situation is different, so make sure you consider all factors before deciding on a mattress size.

Contact a mattress store in your area for help finding a new bed.