Home Inspection Services To Help You With Your Home Purchase Decision

The home you buy is one that should have a durable foundation, exterior, and roof, including all the appropriate working components and systems inside in order for it to be a smart purchase. But to help you make the most informed decision about your purchase you will need the help of some professional services who can check out a home and its systems and components, looking for any problems or signs of trouble that might cost you extra in addition to the price you are paying for a home. Here are some types of home inspection services you may need and can benefit from when you are searching for the perfect home to buy.

Septic and Sewer Inspection

The septic or sewer system on a home is one of the home's important systems, which keeps waste removal working well in the home. With a septic or sewer system that backs up and fails, you will have sewer problems in your home, which can lead to bad smells in your home in addition to diseases and health issues. For this reason, it is a good idea to make sure the plumbing inside the home is installed properly to code and the sewer line draining from the home is also working as it should.

Hiring a sewer inspection will provide you the chance to make sure the home's sewer main is also draining waste from the home out to the septic system or into the city sewer. The main sewer line that drains from your home to the connecting city sewer or septic needs to slope slightly that naturally lets fluids and waste drain away. For example, if the line has sheared off from the home due to the foundation settling, this can cause serious problems within the home that may not be evident right away. Your sewer inspector can inspect the line fully with their camera to make sure the line is intact and also not damaged from any surrounding tree roots or due to its age.

They will also be able to check the septic tank if one is present and the drain field within the property soil to make sure they function properly. They will need to pump the tank to look at its interior for any cracks or damage and check the interior of the drain lines as well.

Foundation Inspection

A home inspection can also include the foundation inspection of the home you wish to buy. During a foundation inspection, your inspector will look for any signs of settlement in the foundation soil, which would lead to your foundation walls or slab shifting and cracking.

There may be signs of damage that are evident with cracks along the wall of the basement, or one end of the basement corner sloping away from the rest of the home. They can also check for expanding soil around the foundation, which can put excess pressure on your home's foundation walls and cause future damage.