Adding A Stone Veneer To Your Home’s Exterior

There are many homeowners that may enjoy the look of natural stone products, but they may not live in a home that uses this material. Luckily, natural stone veneers can allow individuals that own wood homes to retrofit their so that they can enjoy this aesthetic.

Will a Stone Veneer Require Structural Improvements?

Natural stone veneers can be an extremely convenient and affordable upgrade to make to a home. However, the weight of the stone can be a cause of concern for some homeowners as they may assume this weight will force them to make structural changes to the home to account for the added stone. Generally, this will not be necessary, but there can be instances where a home may need to have this type of upgrade made. For example, some older homes may have exteriors that may not be able to support the weight of full stone veneers. In these situations, a homeowner may be able to compensate for this by reinforcing the exterior or opting for a particularly thin stone veneer. A contractor will be able to help you assess your home to determine the most effective solution for this routine problem.

Is a Stone Veneer Only for Looks?

In addition to giving the home a rich appearance, a stone veneer will be able to give your home some added protections as well. The outer layer of stone will be extremely durable, and this can act as a protective layer for the rest of the home's exterior. To further improve the protection, there will be a moisture barrier placed between the veneer and the home's exterior. This layer will prevent moisture from getting trapped in this location, which could rot the exterior. Additionally, the stone will be thick enough to provide some protection to the exterior of the home from impacts from flying rocks or hail.

Will a Stone Veneer Be Difficult to Clean?

The exterior of your home can be extremely susceptible to getting dirty or stained. When these problems occur, they can severely compromise the appearance of the home in a way that can actually degrade its value or make it less attractive to buyers. Homeowners may assume that stone will be a difficult material to keep clean due to its small pores and other crevices. However, stone veneers are actually extremely easy for a homeowner to clean. A pressure washer will typically be sufficient for removing dirt and grime that could have gotten on the stone in a matter of minutes and without the need to use harsh chemicals.