Is Your Family Traveling From Out-Of-State To Visit Your New Home? 3 Texas Themed Gifts That They’ll Love For Souvenirs

There is nothing like welcoming your family to your new home, and it is even better when they are traveling to Texas for the first time. While your family might say that just seeing you is enough, it is also normal to want to give them a special Texas welcome by having a few gifts in place for them to enjoy upon their arrival. Texas-themed gifts range far and wide, considering the different things that you can find, which can make it hard to figure out what to get that will make them feel special. Fortunately, you can't go wrong with these three ideas that will be sure to let your family know that you've been looking forward to their visit for a long time.

Give Them a Classic Tee

Everyone loves a t-shirt as a souvenir, and you can make sure that each member of your family fits right in from the moment that they arrive by giving them one that fits their style. Classic tees with a Texas emblem or saying on them are sure to attract attention, and they'll love wearing their new shirt at your house and when they return home. If your houseguests are visiting during the warm part of the year, then you can also consider giving them a tank top. They might not have thought to pack one, and they'll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Consider a Texas Print

Art prints are another gift option that your family will enjoy taking back home to frame and hang on their wall. If your family is traveling by plane, then consider choosing a smaller print that can fit into their suitcase. As you look for the perfect art print, consider your family member's overall home decorating style so that you can pick something special that fits right into their decor.

Remember the Dogs 

In Texas, a dog isn't just considered a best friend. It's more like a family member, and you can just bet that your family will love taking something back to their pet. Consider giving your family an adorable dog bandanna with a traditional Texas print of things that they might have seen during their visit, such as bluebonnets or a yellow rose. Alternatively, your family may love having a special dog collar that they can show off when they take their pooch for a walk. Either way, they'll love that you thought of them, and pet gear is easy to pack up and take home after their visit is done.

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