Tips To Help You Plan Your Bathroom Renovation

When you're investing in a bathroom renovation, you're going to face many decisions. Since you most likely won't want to go through the renovation process again in the near future, it's imperative that you take your time and make careful selections right now. Here you'll find a few tips to help you choose the materials and fixtures for your bathroom renovation.

Visit a Bathroom Showroom

When it comes to things like cabinets, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, it's best to get a first-hand view of what the items look like. It's also a good idea to get your hands on the cabinetry to feel the quality of the build. When you pull the drawers open, you will be able to feel if they were well built, or if the rails will fail in just a few short years.

Before you head to the showroom, measure the bathroom so that you'll have exact measurements for where the items will go. Not every cabinet and sink is the same size, nor are bathtubs. If you go with your measurements on hand, the salesperson will be able to make better suggestions about the items that will work in your space.

Think about Cleaning and Care

As you choose the materials going into the bathroom, think about what it will take to keep everything clean. For example, if you have hard water and have to spend lots of time scrubbing your shower walls, don't choose a shower surround with faux tiles. The tiles may look nice initially, but after a few years, you might not be able to keep up with cleaning the soap scum and hard water stains out of all of those crevices between the fake tiles.

When choosing the cabinet, consider choosing the ones with the least detail work built into them. The more details there are, the more detailed cleaning you're going to have to do — it's not very fun trying to get toothpaste out of the details in wood cabinetry.

Tip: To protect the condition of your new shower and bath, consider installing a direct water purification system just before the shower. Adding one more filtration system can clean the water enough to avoid hard water stains from appearing on the surface.

Talk with the professionals at the bathroom showroom near you. They'll help you find the best products to achieve exactly what you hope during this bathroom renovation.