4 Modern Deck Designs To Give Your Home Functional Outdoor Spaces

If you want to add modern functional outdoor spaces to your home, there is a lot that can be done with deck designs. You may want to consider features like platforms that step down to a patio and make the most of outdoor spaces or seating and cooking areas for your outdoor deck. You can even combine several different designs to create different functional spaces. Here are some modern deck design ideas to give you more functional outdoor living areas for your home:

1. Modern Platform Deck Designs That Open into Garden Space and Patios

Platform deck designs are a great solution for modern designs, as well as creating useful spaces. The platforms can have a step-down design that helps blend the deck in with the garden area and patio space. If you want to have more outdoor living space, this is a great solution to create more space with different looks and uses.

2. Creating Gathering Areas by Incorporating Modern Bench Seating into Deck Spaces

If you have outdoor living space, you want to have seating for gathering and entertaining guests. Bench seats provide a great solution for seating with modern deck designs. If you have a low deck, low seating can take the place of railings for a more modern design with clean lines and fewer busy interruptions. Bench seats can also make a great solution for storage and other features that you want integrated into a modern deck design.

3. Integrating an Outdoor Cooking Space into The Design of Outdoor Decks

An outdoor deck that you are going to use for living space, also needs a cooking area. When working on a plan for your modern deck design, consider dedicating space for cooking outdoors. This can be a space that has a simple grill, or it can be a complete kitchen that blends into your deck design.

4. Creating Relaxing Hot Tub Spaces on Decks with Panels for Privacy

Another feature that you may want to consider for outdoor space may be a hot tub. When considering spa space for outdoor decks, you want to also locate it in an area to maximize privacy. To improve privacy where needed, have panels added to match the deck and provide privacy around your hot tub area.

These are some of the different modern deck design ideas to give your home functional outdoor spaces. When you are ready to add more useable outdoor space to your home, contact a company that provides deck services and talk with them about some of these modern design ideas.