3 Essential Tips For Redesigning A Dark Bathroom

Whether you are remodeling, building, or just moving into a new home, you may feel overwhelmed when you find that your bathroom lacks windows and important natural light. Not only is lighting important for the overall look and feel of a room, but it can also affect your ability to dress and groom effectively and efficiently. Fortunately, help is available in designing your dark bathroom. Here are a few essential tips to help brighten up your bathroom.

Go White or Light

Color is a great way to lighten up a dark space, but you may not be sure about which paint colors and finishes to use.

White is also a good color for not only painting the walls but also your cabinetry and tiles. Consider replacing dark cabinetry and tile with white tile and cabinetry. If you want a lighter color but prefer something other than white, focus on lighter pastels, lighter neutrals, a light grey, or even a cream/light beige for the walls. Lighter colors will reflect light more effectively, helping to brighten the dark bathroom space.

Also, choose the right paint finishes for even more light reflection. Semi-gloss or gloss are best because they have a shiny finish, which will add sheen and light to the walls.

Upgrade Lighting

Upgrade the lighting you have in your bathroom. To get started, replace old bulbs with LED bulbs, which are brighter, warmer, and more energy-efficient. These will help lighten up your dark bathroom.

Make sure you have sufficient lighting over your vanity area especially. Light fixtures should be placed over the top of your vanity mirrors. If space is available, consider adding a light fixture, such as a sconce, on the sides of your vanity mirror, too.

Many people feel vanity lights are enough, but that is not always the case. Work with an electrician to install recessed light fixtures over the toilet and tub/shower area. You should also consider a light fixture in the center of your bathroom if the room's design will permit it.

Install Mirrors Correctly

Using mirrors correctly can also help illuminate a dark bathroom. Of course, you probably know to install one large or a few smaller mirrors over your bathroom vanity. However, adding a mirror in another location is also wise.

When coming up with a new bathroom design, consider installing a mirror on the opposite wall of your vanity mirrors. This will help reflect light from one mirror to the other, giving the appearance that your bathroom brighter.