Types Of Herbicides For Your Lawn And How To Use Them

Herbicides keep weeds out of your yard so you can grow lush and healthy grass. There are different types of herbicides and they need to be used correctly to get the best results. They can also kill grass if you use the herbicide in the wrong way. Here's a look at the different kinds of herbicides and how you use them on your lawn.

Pre-Emergent And Post-Emergent Herbicides

Pre-emergent weed killers should be used before weeds sprout up in the yard. It's typically applied early in the spring because once weeds are growing, the herbicide has no effect. It won't harm plants already established, so it won't bother grass that's already growing.

Post-emergent herbicides are used to kill weeds that pop up throughout the growing season. If you don't apply a pre-emergent herbicide in time, you may need to apply a post-emergent weed killer over your entire lawn. When a pre-emergent is used, you may only need to do spot treatments the rest of the summer. Post-emergent herbicides are contact weed killers. That means they kill plants through contact, so they have to be used carefully or you can kill your grass and other plants.

Targeted And Untargeted Herbicides

Nonselective herbicide kills everything it contacts. This could be useful if you want to kill everything growing along a border or on an area of lawn you want to clear of all growth. A selective herbicide is the type you use to treat your entire lawn. It only targets certain weeds, such as broadleaf weeds, without harming the grass. A selective herbicide can be sprayed on your entire lawn or it can be sprayed directly on individual weeds to kill them.

Herbicide And Fertilizer Mixtures

One easy way to treat your lawn with herbicide is to use a mixture that contains weed killer with fertilizer. This combines two yard treatments into one. Spring is the ideal time for this since you can apply a pre-emergent and fertilizer mixture to get your lawn off to a healthy start.

It helps to know the type of grass you have and the type of weeds that grow in your lawn so you understand how to use herbicides correctly. You need a selective weed killer for the type of weeds you have for it to work. Read product labels carefully as these let you know the type of weeds they kill and if the product will kill your grass too. Applying herbicide according to the directions is important because you don't want to harm your healthy grass in the process of killing off weeds. Visit a site like http://www.asepestandweedsupplies.com for more help.