4 Reasons Why You Need An Aluminum Storefront For Your Retail Business

The entrance to your retail business is probably the most important part of your company. While you may not think much about your store's front door, that's where your potential customers will receive their first impression about your store. Your store's entrance makes a huge statement about you as the store owner, the kinds of products you sell, and what type of shopping experience your customer will have. You want an attractive and inviting storefront design that will make your store visible and more inviting than the shops around you, drawing in customers. An aluminum storefront is the answer. Keep reading to learn 4 reasons why you need an aluminum storefront for your retail business:

1. Aluminum Storefronts Are Very Durable

Most aluminum is anodized to help it maintain it's bright silver color and appearance. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that developed 75 years ago. During the process, a protective coating of aluminum oxide forms on the surface of the aluminum. The thicker the coating is, the longer the coating will last. The aluminum oxide coating is weather resistant, durable, and hard. And, the coating will never peel or flake off.

Better yet, your aluminum storefront is much more durable than wood and vinyl products, which are not as durable or strong. In fact, this type of storefront is so popular because of its thief-deterring benefit.

2. Aluminum Is An Amazing Insulator

Contrary to popular belief, an aluminum storefront will insulate the entrance to your store better than most other types of storefronts. This is because of aluminum's amazing ability to trap and retain heat. Aluminum storefronts are manufactured with a small amount of space between the front and back frames. It is in this space that hot and cold air becomes trapped. Even when the door is constantly being opened and closed, the heated or cooled air inside your store will not escape. The aluminum frame is also adept at regulating the temperature at the entrance of your store.

For even more insulating benefits, you can increase the width of the frame so it will trap more air and do a better job at insulating and regulating the temperature in your store.

3. Customized Finishes Are Available

Recent industry advances now give store owners the ability to customize the anodized finish on their aluminum storefronts. The finish now comes in black, white, bronze, and champagne colors. This allows you to customize your storefront even further to set you apart from the other stores near you, without compromising the integrity of the aluminum or the strength of your store's front door.

In case you were wondering, it's cheaper to have a colored anodized finish on your storefront than it is to have it painted. It will also last longer, because anodizing isn't affected by sunlight like all other organic coatings, which will fail over time to exposure to ultra-violet light.

4. Aluminum Storefronts Are Easy To Install

Aluminum storefronts are typically manufactured in pieces that are assembled by snapping or screwing them together. Because the storefront is so easy to assemble and install, it doesn't cost a lot to have a professional do the work. Yet, it's easy enough that some store owners will install the aluminum storefronts themselves, to save even more money.

As a business owner, you should be constantly looking for ways to increase curb appeal to bring in new customers. One quick and easy way to improve your business on many levels is by installing a new storefront. Aluminum is a long-lasting, low maintenance, and durable metal that is perfect for a storefront. If you are interested in learning more about aluminum storefronts, call your local aluminum door fabricators. They'll be happy to help you.